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  • Teacher Appreciation Week: Remembering My Sister

    Under normal circumstances, I’d be writing about the second-grade teacher whose influence has had a profound impact on my life. But these last few months have been anything but normal. On the last day of March, I said goodbye to the teacher who mattered most in my life – my sister.   Read More...

  • Legally Speaking: Employment Matters

    May and June are critical times for school employment issues. School districts face important deadlines related to the nonrenewal or termination of employees. Districts also need to provide reasonable assurance for employees who you intend to rehire.   Read More...

  • OSSBA Seeks Award Nominations

    Each year, the Oklahoma State School Boards Association honors a select group of Oklahoma school board members for their outstanding service and recognizes community partners who go above and beyond in serving local schools. The winners will be honored at the annual OSSBA/CCOSA conference in August. All nominations must be made by school board members or superintendents (with the approval of their local board).   Read More...

  • Oklahoma School Leaders Unveil Collaborative Vision for Public Education

    Oklahoma school leaders called on lawmakers Thursday to embrace a new vision for public education that focuses on research-based policies to improve student achievement and values the input of school and community leaders. For the People: A Vision for Oklahoma Public Education is the result of two years of study and research by more than five dozen school administrators and school board members, representing CareerTech and urban, rural and suburban districts. The initiative seeks unprecedented c...  Read More...

  • Testing Reference Guide

    An issue that has generated a great deal of discussion this week is whether parents can remove their child(ren) from standardized testing. The issue of whether or not students should be subject to field testing has added to the debate on the issue. The frequency of standardized tests in public schools is a concern for parents, educators and patrons.   Read More...

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  • Ann Caine to Join OSSBA Team

    Ann CaineLongtime educator Ann Caine will join the Oklahoma State School Boards Association this summer as the organization seeks to offer more robust training and services to the state’s 2,700 school board members. Caine will serve as OSSBA’s director of education leadership. She will act as the association’s teaching and learning expert as it works with school board members, school district leaders and policymakers to improve public education.   Read More...

  • OSSBA Statement on Budget Agreement

    Statement from Shawn Hime, Executive Director of the Oklahoma State School Boards Association, on the state budget agreement: "We are grateful Gov. Mary Fallin and legislative leaders largely protected public school funding at a time when the state has a significant budget shortfall. However, students will feel the impact of cuts to Career Tech funding and the failure to adopt a long-term plan to address teacher pay.   Read More...

  • Oklahoman to Serve as President of National School Boards Association

    John Tuttle, a member of the Kellyville Public Schools Board of Education since 1993, will be installed as president of the National School Boards Association at the organization’s annual conference on Saturday in Nashville.


  • Poll: Oklahomans Oppose School Vouchers

    Oklahomans overwhelmingly oppose using public money to pay for private schooling, according to a new poll released Monday.

    The poll found:
    · Oklahomans strongly oppose school vouchers by atwo-to-one margin. Twenty-four percent said they strongly favor giving parents money for their children to attend a private or religious school compared to 48 percent who strongly oppose it.
    · Self-identified Republican voters are divided in their support of vouchers.
    · Swing voters -- those who don't identify with either party -- opposed vouchers by a more than three-to-one margin.
    · Voters in rural communities were the most opposed to vouchers. Suburban voters also voiced their opposition.
    · More than 60 percent of parents said they oppose state government giving parents money to pay for private or religious schooling.



    "Our hope is State Superintendent Janet Barresi will accept the regents report, quickly communicate the findings to the United States Department of Education and request an immediate reinstatement of Oklahoma’s NCLB waiver. The ongoing development of even stronger academic standards is still necessary to prepare our state’s children for the future, and we believe today’s report is an appropriate baseline for development of Oklahoma’s new English / Language Arts and Mathematics standards."





  • Shawn Hime: Solutions Needed for Teacher Shortage

    The state is asking schools to ensure every child is reading at grade level in third grade. How are schools supposed to achieve that goal when they can’t find qualified teachers? We want students to excel in math and science so they’re well prepared for the future. Is that possible when schools can’t find a chemistry or trigonometry teacher?

    Policymakers want accountability for schools. Yet it’s the responsibility of policymakers to find the necessary resources for public schools to provide the education we all want for students. The most important resource schools have is teachers — there just aren’t enough of them.


  • Statement on Denial of Waiver Extension

    For Immediate Release

    Aug. 28, 2014

    Association Leaders Disappointed in Waiver Extension Denial

    OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – The leaders of the state’s associations representing school board members, school administrators and suburban school districts responded to the U.S. Department of Education’s denial of the one-year extension of the No Child Left Behind Waiver. Read the full statement.

    USDE's OK ESEA Flexibility Response Letter to Request for an Extension 

    Read the response of Oklahoma's congressional delegation.

    Watch Supt. Barresi news conference on waiver denial. 

  • Oklahoma School Districts Struggling with Teacher Shortage

    Oklahoma school districts are hundreds of teachers short as the school year begins, and school leaders say students are paying the price, according to results from a new survey conducted by the Oklahoma State School Boards Association. Districts representing nearly three-fourths of the state’s public school enroll...  Read More...

  • Ensuring a Process

    NEWS STATEMENT  The Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration, Oklahoma State School Boards Association and the United Suburban Schools Association sent the following letter to the members of the State Board of Education regarding the academic standards adoption process. Letter on Academic Standards Adoption Process   Read More...

  • Inhofe Introduces Bill to Rein in Education Dept., Restore Voice of State & Local Boards

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) today introduced the Local School Board Governance and Flexibility Act (S.2451), legislation that would rein in the Department of Education’s (ED) regulatory power and return education decisions back to the states and local communities.


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State Board of Education Meeting Updates

OSSBA is now providing live updates from state Board of Education meetings via Twitter and a live web broadcast. To catch up on the latest news from the meetings, check out our new web page dedicated to helping school leaders and the public stay up-to-date on what's happening at the state Board of Education.

The Oklahoma State School Boards Association endorses the Oklahoma Schools Risk Management Trust (OSRMT). As an alternative to commercial insurance, OSRMT allows member public schools to come together and jointly self-insure against the property and casualty exposures they face today. OSRMT is governed by public school officials in Oklahoma.

OSRMT was established to help combat the high cost of traditional property/casualty insurance. Today the OSRMT provides competitively priced property/casualty coverage to school districts across the state and delivers service that is second to none.


The Dr. Jeff B. Mills Risk Management Award is given to an Oklahoma Schools Risk Management Trust member in recognition of their leadership in education and initiatives with risk management.

Read more about the award by clicking here.