SQ 779 Statement


Christy Watson
Communications Director
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Statement from Shawn Hime, executive director of the Oklahoma State School Boards Association, on SQ 779:

“The common message of those who opposed SQ 779 was that public education needs a long-term funding plan and resources to offer competitive teacher pay. While I’m disappointed in tonight’s election outcome, the results clearly show Oklahomans are concerned about the teacher shortage and the underinvestment in our children’s education.

A collaborative effort between legislative, education, business and community leaders needs to begin now so a bipartisan education funding and teacher pay raise plan can be the first order of business when the legislature reconvenes in February. We have no time to lose. We can’t continue putting underqualified, underprepared teachers in our classrooms and burdening our veteran teachers with exploding class sizes and fewer resources. Our teachers and children deserve better.”