OSSBA Executive Director Shawn Hime Statement on Teacher Walkout

Statement from OSSBA Executive Director Shawn Hime on Teacher Walkout:

“All the important moments of the last few weeks have been about Oklahoma’s children. Today, they are the victors.

The classrooms that are key to their future have been in crisis, and Oklahomans stepped up and declared that our children deserve better. This is a proud moment for our state.

Lawmakers and Gov. Mary Fallin agreed to a new half-billion dollar investment in education and the state’s largest-ever teacher pay raise. Teachers, parents, school board members, administrators, businesses, community partners and the faith community advocated strongly on behalf of children at the Capitol while making sure children were cared for while school was out.

Investing in education and ensuring elected officials are committed to public education must be the new normal for Oklahoma, and I believe Oklahomans are committed to a future that’s much better than our past. Today isn’t the end game for our children, our teachers or our schools. It’s a new beginning.”