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about us

Envise is a national consortium offering technology solutions for associations to engage audiences, capture needs and connect data to decisions.

The primary product is PinPoint AMS, a customizable association management system that empowers users to better engage with members and evolve as an organization. The end result is a strong relationship between the members and their association.

The robust Dynamics 365 serves as the base product and is skillfully tailored to meet the unique needs of your association. PinPoint AMS users will have a system with:

  • Comprehensive member data, event and communications management functions
  • Accounting integration
  • Dynamic workflows that automate time- and labor-intensive tasks
  • Robust reporting providing associations with the information they need how and when they need it
  • Additional customizations at an affordable rate for school board associations with state-specific needs
  • Self-serve online access for members to update their information, access products and services and complete transactions
  • Regular maintenance and system improvements that benefit every state
  • Superior technical support led by those with a vested interest

Who We Are

The architects of Envise and its products are association leaders. Together, John Heim of Kansas, John Spatz of Nebraska and Shawn Hime of Oklahoma have decades of leadership experience and understand the need for a strong association management infrastructure that supports the association in delivering high-quality programs and services to members. No other company has such an up-close understanding of the needs and challenges of associations. We live this work.  The success of our clients is our success.

Sqarq Data Solutions is our Envise technology development partner. Staff from each of the partner associations collaborate with Sparq and Envise to ensure PinPoint AMS evolves with the changing needs of associations and to create a support network for clients.