2018 Elections

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Electing pro-public education candidates is critical to sustaining a strong public education system. This page is dedicated to resources to keep education proponents informed and emphasize the power of #oklaedvotes!

Key Dates

Nov. 6: General Election

Oct. 12: Deadline to register

Oct. 31: Deadline to request absentee ballot

Nov. 1: Early voting 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Nov. 2: Early voting 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Nov. 3: Early voting 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Election FAQs

Election/Advocacy Guidance

2018 Legislative and Statewide Election Dates (PDF)

Sample District Election Resource Page

Sample Get Out the Vote Messages

State Question 800 Fact Sheet (Vision Fund)

State Question 801 Fact Sheet (Building Fund)

Nov. 6 Election Facts

State Question highlights

State Question 800

  • State Question 800 is a proposed state Constitutional amendment to create a new state budget reserve fund to collect an increasing percentage of collections from the gross production tax (GPT) on oil and gas. This off-the-top set-aside to the new Oklahoma Vision Fund would begin on July 1, 2020.
  • OSSBA is opposed to this state question.
  • Click here for the State Question 800 fact sheet.
  • Click here for the news release announcing OSSBA’s opposition.
  • Click here to download social media graphics about SQ 800.

State Question 801

  • State Question 801 would amend the state constitution, which currently prohibits the use of school district building funds for most recurring operational costs like teacher pay.
  • OSSBA has not taken a position on this question but has several concerns.
  • Click here for the State Question 801 fact sheet.
  • Current allowable uses of the building fund include:
    • Capital Improvements
    • Erecting, remodeling, repairing or maintaining school buildings
    • Purchasing furniture, equipment and computer software to be used on or for school district property
    • Paying energy and utility costs
    • Purchasing telecommunication systems
    • Paying fire and casualty insurance premiums for school facilities
    • Purchasing security system
    • Paying for salaries of security personnel.
    • Lighting for football stadium
    • Salaries of maintenance and janitorial personnel.
    • Acquisition, design, construction, maintenance of a school building parking lot
    • Acquire building site
    • Band instruments
    • Construct a swimming pool
    • Construct bleachers

Statewide office highlights

Gubernatorial candidates:

  • Drew Edmondson, Democrat
  • Kevin Stitt, Republican
  • Chris Powell, Libertarian

State schools Superintendent candidates

  • John Cox, Democrat
  • Joy Hofmeister, Republican
  • Larry Huff, Independent

Legislative elections facts and highlights

  • 125 legislative seats were up for election this year
  • 32 legislative seats have been decided (20 were uncontested) (Click here to see the list of decided races)
  • 93 seats will be decided in the general election; 44 of those races involve an incumbent