Election Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What seats are open? 

Click here to see the live listing of candidate filings from the state Election Board.

Is the November election the most important?

Not always. Many Oklahoma races are decided on primary election day if only candidates from one party filed. Primary and primary run-off elections have significantly lower turnout than general elections.

In 2016 elections:

*Voters decided 106 legislative seats.

*73 votes had primary/primary run-off elections

*33 had November only elections

*About half of the primary/primary run-off elections determined the winner of the seat outright, or had a more competitive race than the general election.

Can school districts encourage voter engagement?

YES! Check out our Election and Advocacy Guidance for more details but here are a few things districts can do.

*Commit to increasing voter turnout among district employees.

*Incorporate legislative and election information as part of staff discussions/meetings.

*Provide voter registration cards to new employees and employees that report a change of address.

*Use district communication avenues to remind employees about early voting dates and Election Day. Remind education employees that important decisions about schools are impacted by votes on Election Day.

*Send voting and election day reminders about legislative and statewide offices that affect education to parents via the district’s parent communication tools.

*Post election date reminders on school marquees.

*Click here for a printable list of election dates and deadlines.