Employee Pay Raises & Budget

The OSSBA team has assembled the following guidance to assist districts with implementation of the support and certified employee pay raises authorized in House Bill 1026xx and House Bill 1023xx. The raises are effective beginning with the 2018-2019 school year. You may download a PDF of this guidance by clicking here.

If you have questions, please contact any member of the OSSBA legal team at 405.528.3571. You may also contact OSSBA Executive Director Shawn Hime via email at [email protected] or on his cell at 580.747.0179.

Guidance on Employee Pay Raises & Budget

Support Employees

Support employee pay raises were authorized in House Bill 1026xx. You may read the bill by clicking here.

  • Districts must give a raise to every support employee employed by the district during the 2017-2018 school year. Districts aren’t required to give the raise to employees new to the district.
  • The support employee raise is $1,250 for all non-certified, full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. The consensus is that it must be $1,250 for anyone working 1,032 hours (172 days x 6 hours) or more.
  • Any support employee who works less than 1,032 hours would receive the same hourly increase as someone in the same position receives as a full-time employee.


A teacher assistant who works 1,032 hours would receive a raise of $1.22 per hour for a total pay raise of approximately $1,250. A half-time teacher assistant would also receive a $1.22 hour increase for a total pay raise of approximately $625.

  • The OSSBA legal team also has sample employee contracts available for download on our website by clicking here.

Certified Employees

Certified employee pay raises were authorized in House Bill 1023xx. You may read a copy of the bill by clicking here.

  • All certified employees except the superintendent must receive an increase in accordance with either:
    • The new minimum salary schedule (for districts that used the state minimum salary schedule in the 2017-2018 school year). You can download a copy of the new minimum salary schedule here.


  • If the district was not on the minimum salary schedule in 2017-2018, the pay increase must be an amount equal to or greater than the difference between the 2017-2018 and the 2018-2019 minimum salary schedule for each employee’s total years of experience and degree level.
  • ALL certified employees except the superintendent must receive the raise, including principals and other administrators.

Revenue & Funding Calculations

  • Revenue for the teacher and support pay raise was appropriated through the state aid funding formula. It will be based on your district’s weighted average daily membership (WADM) used for state aid.
  • The estimated increase in state aid is approximately $366 per weighted ADM. This is ONLY an estimate based on last year’s student counts and revenue totals. Each district will need to calculate the cost for employee raises to determine if the estimated increase in state aid will cover the certified and support raises.
  • The state Education Department is working to provide districts with exact funding information.

Textbook Funding

  • Textbook funding will be a line item allocation based on your district’s Average Daily Attendance (ADA) from last year. We estimate it will be approximately $51 per ADA.

Career Tech

  • The State Board of Career and Technology Education was appropriated $10.1 million for certified employee pay raises and $2 million for support employee pay raises.