Crisis Communication Plan Template

Are you ready for a crisis?

OSSBA's Crisis Communication Plan template can help you communicate effectively with stakeholders when it matters most.

This 44-page template is designed to help school districts — large or small; urban, rural or suburban; and with or without a public relations professional — prepare to communicate during emergency and controversial situations. Timely and transparent communication is key for maintaining internal and external trust — especially when emotions are high and school safety is at risk.

The 2023-24 plan features:

  • 17 easy-to-customize letters for use during different crisis situations.
  • Resources for planning the district’s crisis communication response, including proactive communication with parents.
  • Tools for gathering information during an emergency and preparing appropriate messaging for different audiences.
  • Tips for working with media, including an interview preparation worksheet.
  • Resources for winter weather announcements.
  • A form for school administrators to submit ideas and suggestions for additional crisis-related templates.

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