Ethics On-Demand Learning

Ethics On-Demand Learning

OSSBA’s on-demand library of recorded webinars and workshops offers school board members, administrators and other district employees a convenient option for learning new information and receiving required training.

With over 30 recordings available and more being added weekly, we have something to fit your needs, interests and schedule! View the complete on-demand library here.

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WorkshopCredit Hour(s)Credit Type(s)DescriptionLength (hours)CostRegistration Link
2022 Legislative Session Review

Presented by Joe Siano and Rooney Virgin

1EthicsJoin OSSBA Associate Executive Director Dr. Joe Siano and Director of Government Affairs Rooney Virgin on June 6 for a review of bills passed during the 2nd Session of the 58th Oklahoma Legislature. This free session will explore bills impacting education, the budget, a quick glance at what didn’t pass and next steps.1FreeREGISTER
ADA Accessibility

Presented by: Brandon Carey

2EthicsDuring this session we will discuss school district obligations to employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Specifically, we will cover the definition of disability under the ADA, the process for providing reasonable accommodations to employees and other issues that may bring the ADA into play.2$100REGISTER
Board and Superintendent Roles and Responsibilities: The Basics

Presented by: Ann Caine, Joe Siano, Julie Miller

1EthicsChildren and communities are best served when local school districts have a strong governance team. Join us for a discussion about the proper roles and responsibilities for superintendents and board members and the qualities of an effective governance team.1$60REGISTER
Board and Superintendent Roles and Responsibilities: Beyond the Basics

Presented by: Ann Caine, Joe Siano

1EthicsA deeper dig into how boards and superintendents can engage in visionary leadership and work together to ensure student success.1$60 REGISTER
Board President Training “The Art of Being President”

Presented by: Ann Caine and Brandon Carey

4EthicsJoin OSSBA attorney Brandon Carey and Director of Education Leadership Dr. Ann Caine as they provide guidance on the role of the board president. Some of the topics include: What are the duties of the president? Are there additional legal or ethical responsibilities? How can I make our meetings more effective and run smoothly? How to communicate with the public and with the superintendent.4$150REGISTER
Board’s Role in Employment

Presented by: Kim Bishop, Tony Childers

1EthicsEmployment matters can be one of the most challenging areas for school board members to navigate. We’ll cover the legal parameters governing the board member’s role in employment matters, the basics of employee contracts, due process for district employees and more.1$60REGISTER
Communicating in Difficult Situations

Presented by: Joe Siano, Christy Watson, Amber Graham Fitzgerald
1EthicsFrom managing crisis situations to dealing with contrary individuals, join as we discuss how board of education members can navigate the negativity and help propel their districts forward – even when the waters seem the roughest.1$60REGISTER
New! Due Process for Students

Presented by Brandon Carey

2EthicsDuring this workshop we will discuss state and federal laws related to student discipline, including laws related to suspensions, discipline of students on IEP or Section 504 plans and the due process rights of students prior to being removed from the school setting. We will also discuss the legal requirements related to searching students and their belongings.2$100REGISTER
Goal-Oriented: Delivering on the Promise of Public Education

Presented by: Stephanie Hyder, Guest Panel

1EthicsJoin us for a special conversation with local education leaders who involved their communities in the process of developing a 5-year strategic plan. They’ll share why it’s critical for school board members to engage in goal setting, the results of their planning work and offer advice for their fellow education leaders.1$60REGISTER
Going Digital

Presented by: Julie Miller, Anne Beck

2Ethics Join OSSBA Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel Julie Miller and OSSBA Digital Governance Specialist Anne Beck and learn best practices for using convenient online resources to save time, promote transparency and improve the board meeting experience.2$100REGISTER
Goal-Oriented: Delivering on the Promise of Public Education – Part II

Presented by: Stephanie Hyder, Guest Panel

1EthicsThis strategic approach doesn’t happen by accident; it takes planning, dedication and a shared vision for the district’s future. In Part I of this series, school leaders learned from other districts that have successfully charted this course. In this webinar, Part II, you’ll learn how your district can embark on and grow through this important journey.1$60REGISTER

Investing in Students and the Future: Effective Capital Improvement Planning for Schools

Presented by: Joe Siano, Amber Graham Fitzgerald, Danny Jardine

2Finance and EthicsJoin us as we discuss best practices for developing and successfully communicating a comprehensive capital investment plan that will garner support from local voters and transform education for your students.2$100REGISTER
Leading & Learning: Governing through Crisis

Presented by: Ann Caine, Joe Siano

1EthicsA conversation about the leader’s role in crisis management.1$60 REGISTER
Legally Speaking: Copyright and Trademark Law for Educators

Presented by: Tony Childers

1EthicsIn the growing world of shared digital content, administrators and teachers need to be knowledgeable of copyright laws and the legal limits of using copyrighted material in an educational setting. Join Tony Childers, OSSBA Staff Attorney, and navigate through the basics of copyright law and discuss practical considerations in legally using or sharing copyrighted material.1$60REGISTER
Managing Student Health Issues at School

Presented by Tony Childers, Julie MIller

2EthicsJoin OSSBA attorneys Tony Childers and Julie Miller for an overview of Oklahoma law as it pertains to student medications and medication administration in the school setting.2$100REGISTER
Neutral Grounds – Religion and Speech in Schools

Presented by Tony Childers, Brandon Carey

2EthicsJoin OSSBA attorneys Tony Childers and Brandon Carey in diving into one of the more common topics of concern from school administrators and board members: school and religion. We’ll review some of the legal and policy considerations regarding religious activities on school premises, prayer in school, material distribution to students and requests to advertise on school property.2$100REGISTER
OSSBA Town Hall: Student Transfers

This is a recording of the 10/12/21 session.

1EthicsImportant changes are coming to the student transfer process. Join members of the OSSBA team for a conversation and a question-and-answer session about actions the school board and administrators must take to implement the changes, the required timelines for implementation and reporting, and OSSBA’s sample student transfer policy.1FreeREGISTER
OSSBA Town Hall: Student Transfers

This is a recording of the 10/13/21 session.

1EthicsImportant changes are coming to the student transfer process. Join members of the OSSBA team for a conversation and a question-and-answer session about actions the school board and administrators must take to implement the changes, the required timelines for implementation and reporting, and OSSBA’s sample student transfer policy.1FreeREGISTER
Partners in Success: Developing a Strong Board/Superintendent Team

Presented by: Joe Siano, Ann Caine, Julie Miller

1EthicsWe’ll discuss the keys to building a strong governance team, the importance of the superintendent evaluation, analyze scenarios and provide concrete strategies for improvement. This is a great session for board-superintendent teams to watch together.1$60REGISTER
Personnel Issues Update

Presented by: Kim Bishop

2EthicsIn this workshop, OSSBA Staff Attorney Kim Bishop covers hot topics and news related to workplace and employment law issues. In addition, we will review several federal employment laws, including FMLA, ADA, ADEA, PDA, GINA, FLSA, EPA and USERRA, and discuss what they cover and how they work together – or not.2$100REGISTER
Public Comment and Open Meetings: A Guide for Board Members and Administrators

Presented by: Julie Miller, Tony Childers

2Ethics and Open Meeting ActDealing with public comments, protestors, and angry patrons requires a clear understanding of the law on free speech. Join us to learn about handling disruptions and emotional pleas while upholding your responsibility to conduct school business during your board meetings.2$100REGISTER
Report It: Understanding Student Health and Safety Issues & Reporting Requirements

Presented by: Kim Bishop, Brandon Carey

1EthicsIn this workshop, we will discuss district reporting obligations related to student health and safety, including law enforcement, DHS, Title IX, and health department reporting requirements.1$60REGISTER
Safe Schools: Conducting Legal Student Searches

Presented by: Brandon Carey

2EthicsIn this session we’ll examine the federal and state law that applies to searches of students and discuss practical applications to the school environment. 2$100REGISTER
School Safety: Weapons on Campus

Presented by: Tony Childers and Rooney Virgin

1EthicsJoin OSSBA Staff Attorneys Tony Childers and Rooney Virgin for a legal overview and best practices regarding arming school personnel, open carry, students and weapons, student searches and more.1$60REGISTER
Spring School Law Institute

Presented by: The OSSBA Legal Team

65 Ethics, 1 Open Meeting ActJoin the OSSBA legal team as they review a variety of topics including student dress codes, public comment, FERPA, legislative issues and updates, Title IX and the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act. 6$150REGISTER
Student Discipline

Presented by: Rooney Virgin

2EthicsIn this session, we’ll discuss student discipline issues, including alternatives to suspension, manifestation hearings, and bullying investigations as outlined in Oklahoma law. 2$100REGISTER
Student Handbooks

Presented by: Julie Miller

2EthicsJoin OSSBA Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel Julie Miller for a workshop addressing what is required to be included in student handbooks. The discussion will provide information on changes made during the 2021 and 2022 legislative sessions that should be included in student handbooks.2$100REGISTER

Student Issues: The Board’s Role

Presented by: Shawn Hime, Rooney Virgin, Julie Miller

1EthicsMany areas of board policy have a direct effect on students. This session will look at a myriad of those policies, including those of particular importance during COVID-19 like attendance, dress code, suspensions, extracurricular activities and more.1$60REGISTER
Summer Legal Issues

Presented by: Julie MIller

2EthicsJoin OSSBA Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel Julie Miller for an instructive and interactive session including information on summer help, athletic camps, updating policies, open records requests and many other issues affecting schools during the summer.2$100REGISTER
Teamwork: The Superintendent Evaluation

Presented by: Ann Caine and Joe Siano

1EthicsJoin Dr. Ann Caine and a distinguished panel of education leaders as they discuss what school board members need to know about evaluating a superintendent, their experiences with OSSBA’s ongoing superintendent evaluation process and how the process is helping districts build stronger governance teams.1$60REGISTER

The Basics of Conducting a Superintendent Evaluation

Presented by: Ann Caine, Julie Miller

1EthicsJoin us for a conversation about the legal and practical aspects of the superintendent evaluation, best practices, common mistakes and the importance of the board-superintendent relationship in the evaluation process.1$60REGISTER
The Board’s Role in Policy

Presented by: Brandon Carey, Julie Miller

1EthicsSetting policy is one of the most important roles of a local school board. We’ll discuss why that role is critical, best practices for creating and updating policies, and discuss how COVID-19 is affecting the school policy landscape.1$60REGISTER
Voices: Equity, Race and Student Achievement 1EthicsJoin the OSSBA team, Oklahoma City Public Schools Deputy Superintendent Jason Brown and Norman Public Schools Executive Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Stephanie Williams to learn how districts can progress on the important issues of equity, race and student achievement and the critical leadership role of school board members.1FreeREGISTER
Why Failing to Provide Reasonable Assurance May Be Costing Your DIstrict Thousands

Presented by Tony Childers and Kim Bishop

1EthicsJoin OSSBA staff attorneys Tony Childers and Kim Bishop for a how-to session on providing reasonable assurance and how the process can save your district thousands of dollars annually.1$60REGISTER