COVID-19 Communications Templates and Tips

Communication Templates and Tips

Best Practices for COVID-Related Communication

Back-to-School Safety Parent Letter

Exposure & Positive Cases

General Letter: Positive COVID Case Confirmed

General Letter: Probable COVID Exposure

Employee Letter: COVID Confirmed in the Workplace

General Letter: District Must Transition One School to Distance Learning

State Health Department Parent and Staff Letters

Safety Protocol Templates for Districts

Template: District-Specific Color-Coded Requirements – Option 1

Template: District-Specific Color-Coded Requirements – Option 2

Template: Scripts for Color-Coded Transitions

Returning in the Fall

PARENT SURVEY: Returning to School in the Fall

STAFF SURVEY: Returning to School in the Fall

Spring 2020 Distance Learning

Template Letter to the Editor from Board President

Template Phone Script: Distance Learning Begins Monday

Template: Introduction to the District’s Continuous Learning Plan (Family Letter)

Spring 2020 School Closure

Template Phone Script: State Board Approves Continuous Learning

Template:  State Board Approves Move to Continuous Learning

Template: Long-term School Closure Recommended but Learning will Continue

Employment Issues

Template: Temporary Contract Not Returning Letter

Essential Employee Documentation

When communicating with employees, students and families about Coronavirus, here are a few helpful key messages and tips to keep in mind:

° The priority is the health and safety of students and employees.

° Schools work closely with public health officials and rely heavily on their guidance because they are the experts.

° Local and state health departments are the best resources for current information about Coronavirus.

° Emphasize what is known at the time of the communication.

° Include the date/time in all communications, including social media posts, because information can change quickly.

° Include best hygiene practices in communications.

° Create a web page that can be easily updated to links with the most current information from reliable sources, including the local and state health departments and the Centers for Disease Control. The best way to combat rumors and speculation is easy access to reliable information.

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