COVID-19 Map

COVID-19 Map


This map was created by OSSBA using the guidelines set forth in state Education Department’s safety protocols guidance and the county-level case data as reported by the state Health Department. The state Health Department calculates a 7-day average of new cases to arrive at the cases per 100,000 figure used to determine the color-coded risk level. To see the differences between this map and the one published weekly by the state Health Department, click here.


  • A note about the April 10 map: Last week, state health officials reported the discovery of a technical reporting error dating back to December that resulted in 1,300 unreported positive cases. The previously unreported cases were reported on April 7 and are therefore captured in this week’s map reporting.
  • Please note that beginning March 15, the state Health Department changed the date it releases its weekly case data and began releasing it on Wednesday instead of Fridays. It also stopped offering daily data files, which will affect OSSBA’s ability to provide daily city, county and zip code data and weekly city and zip code data. The weekly data time period is the preceding Sunday through Saturday.

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Weekly Update

• Case data April 4-10

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Week-to-week map data comparisons (week ending April 10)



Map Notes

  • This criteria set by the state Education Department in its safety protocols varies from the criteria set by the state Health Department. The orange level is broken into two levels, and the red level is based on case data rather than regional and statewide hospital and PPE criteria. It updated the protocols on Sept. 18.
  • Beginning with the Sept. 24 map, the state Health Department made adjustments to its calculation. The case counts used to determine a county’s cases per 100,000 population are based on the date positive test results are reported instead of the date of symptom onset. Also, the map uses a seven-day average based on the seven-day period that ends on the Thursday prior to the map’s Friday release. Previously, a county’s count was the highest of the seven-day average calculated within the 10-day range preceding the map release.

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COVID-19 Cases by City (Total Cases)

COVID-19 Cases by Zip Code (Total Cases)

Data downloads: Case numbers by county, city and zip code are updated daily by the state Health Department and available in a downloadable spreadsheet.

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