Building Assessment Tool FAQ

One goal of the refreshed For the People visioning project is equitable facilities and infrastructure for all Oklahoma students. As was the case with teacher shortage, any argument for state-level investment must be accompanied by data. OSSBA & CCOSA  are excited to launch the For the People Building Assessment Tool to help ensure every child has access to quality, safe learning environments.

Clinton Superintendent Kevin Hime and former Adair School Board Member Rodney Schilt led For the People’s Physical Resources Committee. The committee worked with the K20 Center at the University of Oklahoma and architectural and facility experts to develop the building assessment tool, which is a comprehensive survey designed to capture data needed to develop a statewide picture of the state of school facilities and infrastructure.

The building assessment tool is designed to be completed by local school officials to assess every school building in the state. The final product will be a comprehensive look at school facility and infrastructure needs to share with state leaders. Plans are also in the works to provide district-level building profile reports.

You can download the pre-survey data collection spreadsheet here. This can help streamline the data collection and survey completion process.

Please see below for answers to commonly asked question:

Q: What’s the deadline for completing the building assessment tool?

A: We originally set an Oct. 1 deadline. However, after receiving feedback from district leaders, the deadline has been extended to Nov. 1.

Q: Must my district complete a survey for each building?

A: Generally, yes. Please complete the survey for all buildings the district uses, expects to use and/or otherwise maintains.

Q: Is there an easy way to know what information is needed before beginning the survey?

A: Yes. In response to questions from several districts, we have created a pre-survey data collection spreadsheet that can be used for the initial data collection. After the data is collected, it will be much easier for someone in your district to complete the online survey. You can download the spreadsheet here.

Q: The pre-survey data collection survey references a region. How do I know what region to select?

A: Please see the map below. When you take the online survey, the choices will be available via a dropdown menu.


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