Bee Awards

Board of Education Excellence Award

The Board of Education Excellence Award is designed to recognize the time and commitment made by board members in continuing their education beyond the legal requirements.  The OSSBA will track workshop attendance and inform school board members when they have met the requirements for an award.

Membership in this program demonstrates to the patrons of your school district that you are an informed and knowledgeable board member.  This in turn will foster public confidence in your school, benefiting the school district as well as the individual.

In accordance with the policy of the Oklahoma State School Boards Association, the following levels and point system shall be used to determine advancement in the Board of Education Excellence Award.


Bronze Level

1 OSSBA or SDE New School Board Membership Workshop
1 additional OSSBA Workshop
1 OSSBA District Meeting

Silver Level

In addition to bronze level requirements
2 OSSBA Workshops – one must be School Finance
1 additional OSSBA District Meeting
1 OSSBA/CCOSA Conference

Gold Level

In addition to bronze and silver requirements
2 OSSBA Workshops – one must be School Law
1 additional OSSBA/CCOSA Conference
1 of the following
Participation in a Whole Board Development session
OSSBA Day at the Capitol

Platinum Level

In addition to bronze, silver, and gold requirements
Reelected to a second term on a local school board
2 additional OSSBA Workshops
2 OSSBA District Meetings in one year
2 OSSBA/CCOSA Conferences
2 of the following:
Legislative Liaison
OSSBA Workshop Presenter
State Task Force Member
Promote public education through a presentation to local civic group
Attend NSBA Annual Conference
Attend FRN

Award levels are not based on yearly activities. When one level is reached, the member automatically begins working toward the next level. Only the Platinum level requires reelection during a member’s board service.

For more information, please call the OSSBA at 405-528-3571.