OSSBA is accepting nominations for 2023 award recognitions. Board members will be honored as part of School Board Recognition Month in January and all winners will be honored during the 2023 Education Leadership Conference. Nominations are due Nov. 18.

The awards presented will include: Distinguished Service, OSSBA All-State Board of Education, Buddy Spencer Leadership, and the Barbara Lynch “Community Partner” Award.

All nominations must be made by school board members or superintendents. Those eligible to receive awards include board members of a school district or career-­tech board of education (and a community member or organization in the case of the Barbara Lynch Award). The OSSBA Awards Committee will make the final selections. No member of the Awards Committee will be from a nominating school district.

Download a nomination packet here or complete the applicable online nomination form(s) below.

Distinguished Service Award

This award is given to a present or former member of a public board of education who has exhibited distinguished service to the school and community during his or her tenure on the school board.

Factors to be considered will be length of service; distinguished service acts for students, schools, professionals, patrons, community and/or state; and distinguished service to the OSSBA.

View previous winners here.

All-State Board of Education

An honorary board and will include five of the most outstanding school board members of the year. A $400 award will be given to each school district with an All-State Board of Education member. The award is to be used for the curriculum program of the winning board member’s choice.

Nominees must be elected or appointed school board members currently serving on a board of education and should have attended OSSBA Region Meetings and workshops in the past.

View previous winners here.

Buddy Spencer Leadership Award

Presented to one of the All-State Board of Education members; therefore, no direct nomination is required for consideration.The recipient must demonstrate leadership on a local or state level and a dedication to improving his or her boardsmanship. The winner’s school district will receive $600 to purchase library books or materials.

No nomination required.

View previous winners here.

Barbara Lynch “Community Partner” Award

Community engagement is an ongoing process of two-­way communication between a school district and the community it serves. This award recognizes an ongoing, collaborative process during which the school district works with the public to build understanding, guidance and active involvement in the education of the children in its community.

In honor of Barbara Lynch, who served on the Tulsa Technology Board of Education from 1986 to 2003 and a member of the Oklahoma State School Boards Association Board of Directors from 1993 to 2003. In addition to being a school board member, Barbara was also a community volunteer with the PTA and Boy Scouts, and was a parent and vital member in the Broken Arrow community.

This award honors her spirit of community engagement and service. You may nominate a community member or organization that actively supports and works with your school district to help children and their education, the school system and the community.

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