Creating a Caring Community and Providing a Career Pathway for Every Racer
The mission of Newcastle Public Schools is to provide through shared responsibility a safe and secure environment that assures educational opportunities for the intellectual, social, physical, and character development appropriate for contributing members of tomorrow’s society.


Early Childhood Center


Middle School

High School

21 New Community Partners in 2021

196 Certified Employees
131 Support Employees


Student Internships


Inclusion. NPS promises a safe and
welcoming environment for all students.

Innovation. Each student at NPS has access to the latest technology from Pre-K to high school. Students in grades 2 through 12 receive their own Chromebook.

Student Success. NPS has committed to increasing quality programming in full-time virtual learning, student internships, fine arts, extra-curriculars, and Advanced Placement.

Flexible, Individualized Plans for Learning. Beginning in grade 6, each student creates an individualized career academic plan as a guide for graduation and a future career.

Student Safety and Health. NPS students have increased access to licensed professional counselors, school counselors, and school nurses at every site. We are committed to whole child development and education.


Newcastle Public Schools believes that to realize their expectations for graduates, teaching and learning should provide…

  • Relevant content
  • Career readiness
  • Address student strengths and areas for growth
  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • Support services for students, families, and staff
  • Innovative and authentic use of technology
  • Opportunities for community support and partnerships
  • Opportunities for community service


  • Recently passed a $79 million dollar bond.
  • Established the TriCity Learning Academy, a first of its kind virtual learning cooperative in Oklahoma.
  • Received $73,000 in grants for the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Established Racer Kid Zone before, after, and Friday school care program.
  • Received national recognition for HealthCorps Change Makers Award.
  • Planning for student growth of 1,200 students over the next 10 years

As a professional learning community, all NPS teachers are trained to design the most effective and engaging learning environments for students.

In order to ensure quality teaching and learning, Newcastle Public Schools values…..

  • Support for Every Racer, Every Day
  • Investment in every student
  • Investment in special populations
  • A high standard for relationships
  • A high standard for trust and transparency
  • Recruit and retain high quality staff

By upholding these values and providing a rigorous curriculum with high-quality instructional materials, Newcastle Public Schools will meet the diverse needs of students in a student-centered learning environment.

Applications will be accepted through January 27, 2023.