OSSBA Title IX Association Forum Tips

Here are a few tips to get started with OSSBA’s Title IX Association Forum. The forum is accessible by logging into OSSBA’s member portal.

After logging in, click on the OSSBA Forum and select the OSSBA Title IX Association Forum as shown above. A few technical notes: Forum access is based on the information we have within our membership database (including your email address). The OSSBA team appreciates your help in making sure the information we have is accurate. Information can be easily updated in OSSBA’s member portal. If you need assistance with portal access, please contact our office at 405.528.3571 or fill out this form. Thank you in advance for your patience. We’ll respond as quickly as possible!

Please note the forum has a pinned post with forum guidelines. Users should take a few moments to read the guidelines before posting. If additional people in your district need access to the Title IX Association forum, your superintendent or another person designated as your district’s portal account administrator can grant permission in the member portal. You can also contact OSSBA for assistance.