One of the most under-appreciated yet critical roles in school districts is that of the Title IX Coordinator. Federal law requires each school district to appoint at least one Title IX Coordinator for good reason: while most people think of Title IX with regard to athletics, it more broadly protects employees and students from sex discrimination.

OSSBA’s Title IX Association’s purpose is to increase training, guidance and support for Title IX coordinators and other district employees who routinely deal with Title IX issues.

OSSBA Staff Attorney Brandon Carey leads this effort. He’s a former general counsel for Oklahoma City Public Schools and a former attorney for the U.S. Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights.

Initial membership in the Title IX association is open and free to employees of your district you believe would benefit from membership and participation.

Members of the Title IX Association also will have automatic access to an online community via OSSBA’s member portal. You or another person designated as your district’s portal account administrator can designate employees to join the Title IX association by updating their contact record in the OSSBA member portal. You can also contact OSSBA for assistance by filling out our portal help form and selecting “I need help with online forum access.”

A few of our plans: 

  • Future regional training across the state (save May 10 for a workshop in Tulsa)
  • On-site district training related to Title IX issues upon request (contact Brandon at 888.528.3571 or brandonc@ossba.org to schedule)
  • Online community for Title IX coordinators
  • Sample forms, job descriptions and policies (coming soon)
  • Email updates on hot topics and pressing issues

If you need help with online forum access, please complete this form or email christyw@ossba.org.


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