OSSBA Connect is the association's effort to bring together those in similar roles across Oklahoma school districts, encouraging communication, collaboration and a greater sense of community among the state's education leaders.

OSSBA’s Title IX Association is designed to offer support, guidance and training to those who serve as Title IX coordinator or otherwise deal with Title IX issues.

The Oklahoma Association of School Administrative Professionals is designed for district employees who work in an administrative capacity at the district level, including minutes clerks, encumbrances clerks and treasurers.

Membership in these associations offers access to specialized training, a designated online community and additional resources.

OSSBA also is offering two other position-based online forums — one for school board presidents and one for superintendents. The forums are accessible by logging into OSSBA’s member portal.

Great things are happening in our schools every day, and it’s a challenge to widely share ideas that are working in your respective districts. Our hope is the forums will be a tool for learning and leveraging the success of others. We’re also hopeful that when education leaders face challenges, they’ll use the forums to leverage the collective wisdom of their peers in developing solutions.

The forums will not change the individual attention you’ve come to expect and deserve from the OSSBA team. We’re always just a phone call or email away so please continue to contact us directly if you need support or assistance from a member of our team. The forums aren’t for us — they’re for you!

Members with access to a forum will see it displayed at the top menu after logging into the member portal as seen above. A few technical notes: Forum access is based on the information we have within our membership database (including your email address, position titles/board office and begin/end dates for your position/office). The OSSBA team appreciates your help in making sure the information we have is accurate. Information can be easily updated in OSSBA’s member portal. If you need assistance with portal access, please contact our office at 405.528.3571 or fill out this form. Thank you in advance for your patience. We’ll respond as quickly as possible!

Please note each forum has a pinned post with forum guidelines. Users should take a few moments to read the guidelines before posting.