Policy Services

The Oklahoma State School Boards Association provides up-to-date information regarding policies to its members through Policy Service subscriptions.  For more information on becoming a subscriber, please contact Julie Miller at 405-528-3571 or complete the subscription form.

Policy Subscription Service

$750 per year

  • Review board minutes monthly.
  • Revise or develop new, customized policies based on information from board minutes (within the subscription period). A district may receive 12 new or revised policies per year, or any requested. Any policies requested over 12 will be available for $50/policy (also available on electronically).
  • Provide new or newly updated SDE required policies (customized).
  • Provide board members and superintendents monthly PSST policy newsletter (digital delivery for superintendents).
  • Provide superintendents with three sample policies related to newsletter topics.
  • Provide annual policy revisions in digital format based on legislative action during subscription year (customized).
  • Provide policies customized during the subscription year in a digital format.

Online Policy Hosting

See fee schedule.

Streamline your board policy management with OSSBA’s online policy hosting service! With this cloud-based service, your district’s policies are easy to update and always just a few clicks away! Full-text searching makes it easy to find what you need quickly. The service includes a one-time conversion fee and and an annual hosting fee.

Policy Review Service

$2,000 for 10-hour analysis of existing manual

  • Suggested policies may be purchased at the current per policy fee of $50.
  • If a current policy services subscriber, suggested policies may be provided up to 12 policies with additional policies available at the current per policy fee of $50.

Customized Policy Service


  • Review Board minutes of the past three years
  • Review school handbooks (teacher, parent, student)
  • Review negotiated agreements
  • Review the current policy manual and/or other written policies

District will receive:

  • 100 new policies generated from the review
  • Codification of each policy in accordance with the OSSBA uniform coding system
  • Draft copy of district manual for review, revision and approval
  • Table of Contents indicating the policies included in your manual
  • Policy manual in a customized binder and tabbed for easy reference (upon board approval of manual)
  • Manual for each board member or for the superintendent and additional books for open records requests
  • One-year subscription to PSST! (Policy Newsletter) for one year
  • Electronic version of customized manual

Estimated cost is $7,000 payable in three installments. The first installment of $3,000 is due upon acceptance of the contract.  The second installment of $2,000 is due upon receipt of the first draft copy. The third installment of $2,000 issued upon receipt and acceptance of the completed set of manuals.