The Oklahoma Library of Digital Resources is an innovative initiative to provide Oklahoma educators with high-quality, interactive teaching resources. It launched in August 2016 with a collection of resources for 10 high school courses so teachers could incorporate digital learning opportunities into their lessons. Now there are 51 courses, pre-k through high school. Oklahoma teachers have curated the digital resources, and created sample lessons, ensuring the materials are aligned to the state’s new academic standards.



What are digital resources?

The resources within the Oklahoma Library of Digital Resources are high-quality digital content vetted by Oklahoma teachers and support Oklahoma Academic Standards. Examples include eBooks, short videos, documents, audio files and interactive online activities.

Who can use the Oklahoma Library of Digital Resources?

Anyone! While the library was created as a resource for Oklahoma educators, it is also accessible to parents and anyone who wants easy access to high-quality learning resources for children.

How much does it cost?

Most of the resources are free, although some —including some applications or eBooks — have a nominal charge.

Who is maintaining the Oklahoma Library of Digital Resources?

The Oklahoma State School Boards Association is maintaining the digital resources. There are four teachers serving as content managers who will keep the courses current. When teachers are using the OKLDR courses and have a suggestion for a new digital resource, or notice a non-working link, they contact the contact manager.

OKLDR The Oklahoma Library of Digital Resources has served myself and many of the teachers within in our district as an outstanding tool! Providing ideas that include the utilization of technology, links directly to the resources needed, an opportunity for teachers to expand on the ideas, and it’s all Oklahoma Standards-based. Our students’ response to projects implemented from these resources has been amazing. We see students spending time working to make their work their very best, students who may not have completed a pencil/paper assignment put a great deal of effort and produced unbelievable final projects. We feel we have been able to reach many more of our students using these types of projects. With the OKLDR books, teachers who had lost their excitement for teaching or were hesitant to use technology are implementing technology and again excited about what their students are doing in class and anxious to share student work.

Sarah Peffer, Merritt Public Schools

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