Voices: The Problem with HB 1775

Posted on 6.29.2021

By Brandon Carey OSSBA Staff Attorney I’ve written before about my experiences as a father of black children. As a white male, I’m certainly not qualified to truly speak to the experiences of marginalized communities.  But my experiences, as removed as they may be, might help illuminate others who, like myself, have not directly experienced discrimination and oppression. Being a witness to the […]

“Dad, I Want to Speak”

Posted on 6.11.2020

OSSBA Attorney Brandon Carey, right, recently attended a downtown Oklahoma City protest with his 14-year-old daughter Kyriel. Below is their story. Photo credit: By the House Helps By Brandon Carey OSSBA Staff Attorney I’ve always been interested in civil rights. It’s why I went to law school, and it’s why I continue practicing law. I’ve […]

A Message from Shawn: Listen. Learn. Lead.

Posted on 6.4.2020

I’ve never sat awake in bed at night, restless and worried that skin color might determine whether my children reach their dreams. Not once.   I’ve never had a talk with my children about how wearing a hoodie or sagging pants or head covering might make them a target. Not once.  My heart has never raced when the phone rang, […]