House Bill 1775: Separating Rhetoric and Reality  

Posted on 6.29.2021

By Brandon Carey  OSSBA Staff Attorney On May 7, 2021, the Oklahoma governor signed House Bill 1775, which included a detailed list of what teachers can’t teach in an Oklahoma classroom regarding race and sex. Fortunately for educators and for school districts, the toxic rhetoric around the bill bore little resemblance to the actual bill language.  Coming […]

Teacher Pay in 2021: Five Years of Progress

Posted on 5.4.2021

  For years, we’ve closely tracked how Oklahoma stacks up when it comes to teacher pay. The reason is simple: children need and deserve the best teachers. Oklahoma remains in a teacher shortage and must stay competitive to keep and reward the great teachers already in our classrooms. Just as important, our state must be […]

“Dad, I Want to Speak”

Posted on 6.11.2020

OSSBA Attorney Brandon Carey, right, recently attended a downtown Oklahoma City protest with his 14-year-old daughter Kyriel. Below is their story. Photo credit: By the House Helps By Brandon Carey OSSBA Staff Attorney I’ve always been interested in civil rights. It’s why I went to law school, and it’s why I continue practicing law. I’ve […]

A Message from Shawn: Listen. Learn. Lead.

Posted on 6.4.2020

I’ve never sat awake in bed at night, restless and worried that skin color might determine whether my children reach their dreams. Not once.   I’ve never had a talk with my children about how wearing a hoodie or sagging pants or head covering might make them a target. Not once.  My heart has never raced when the phone rang, […]

Scott Abbott: Why I Serve

Posted on 12.1.2019

By Scott Abbott My three boys were young and not even all in school yet when I first ran for school board in Fort Gibson. I knew that over the next two decades, the lessons they learned, the friends they made and the teachers they encountered would shape them and their futures in ways I […]

Michael Ray: Why I Serve

Posted on 12.1.2019

By Michael Ray In 2019, it’s still easy to think about school as a place and education as an activity that happens mostly within the physical confines of a school. I don’t think that’s ever really been the case, and it’s certainly not true today. Education at its best has always been a partnership between […]

School Board Member Workshop Sponsor Opportunities

Posted on 4.19.2019

Each spring, OSSBA offers 2-day workshop opportunities in OKC and Tulsa. They are designed to help new school board members get off to the right start with some basic training as they begin their terms and are also an opportunity for incumbent school board members to receive more in-depth training and obtain their state-mandated continuing […]

OSSBA Title IX Association Forum Tips

Posted on 3.25.2019

Here are a few tips to get started with OSSBA’s Title IX Association Forum. The forum is accessible by logging into OSSBA’s member portal. After logging in, click on the OSSBA Forum and select the OSSBA Title IX Association Forum as shown above. A few technical notes: Forum access is based on the information we have […]

Guidance from the OSSBA Legal Team: Marijuana, Employee Drug Testing and Worker’s Compensation Claims

Posted on 12.11.2018

Guidance from the OSSBA Legal Team: Marijuana, Employee Drug Testing and Worker’s Compensation Claims A post-accident positive drug test may not be enough for employers – including school districts – to deny workers’ compensation benefits, according to a new appeals court ruling. Instead, employers must demonstrate that drug or alcohol use caused an accident that […]

OSSBA Member Portal Upgrade

Posted on 9.18.2018

OSSBA’s new member portal has features designed to improve the experience for school board members and administrative employees of member school districts. While much of the member portal will look familiar and operates similar to the existing portal, we’ve also made improvements based on feedback received since we first launched the member portal two years […]