The most important duty of a school board is the hiring of the superintendent and the subsequent responsibility of evaluating his/her performance. While state law (70 O.S. § 6-101.10) mandates the superintendent be evaluated at least once a year, the evaluation process should do more than simply meet state statute.

The evaluation process is one method for the board to provide feedback to the superintendent and should reflect the board’s goals, expectations and desires. It should be fair, comprehensive and tied to the district’s vision and goals. Thus, the evaluation instrument should become part of the normal board-superintendent communication process. One way to maintain healthy board-superintendent communication about performance and expectations is to engage in an on-going (formative) evaluation process that encourages growth and provides opportunities for improvement.

OSSBA’s ongoing superintendent evaluation tool transcends the traditional annual evaluation approach. The OSSBA believes that in order to intentionally impact district and student achievement, district leadership should frequently engage in conversation surrounding areas of improvement. For the superintendent, this can occur with the board members through an on-going evaluation process that occurs throughout the year and provides an opportunity for growth. The OSSBA Superintendent On-Going Evaluation instrument is designed to provide the school board an opportunity to provide more frequent, meaningful feedback to their superintendent in the following categories:
  • Board/Superintendent Relationship
  • Community Relationship
  • Staff Relationship
  • Professional Community
  • Finance
  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Human Resources
  • Student Services
  • Operations (Facilities, Transportation, Child Nutrition, Technology in the Operations tab) or broken out separately:
    • Facilities
    • Transportation
    • Child Nutrition
    • Technology
    • Personal Qualities
    • District Goals
Recognizing that every school district and school board is different, this evaluation tool has been created so that it is flexible and able to meet an individual district’s needs.

OSSBA’s ongoing superintendent evaluation instrument is available in a digital, interactive format for an annual $250 subscription fee. The initial subscription also includes a one-hour training for the superintendent and school board members. For more information, please contact Dr. Ann Caine via email or at 405.528.3571.