Oklahoma Library of Digital Resources Launched to Assist Oklahoma Teachers



Oklahoma Library of Digital Resources Launched to Assist Oklahoma Teachers

OKLDRThe Oklahoma State School Boards Association announced today the launch of the Oklahoma Library of Digital Resources, an innovative, collaborative and cost-saving effort to help schools improve student achievement.

The new online library contains free and low-cost, high-quality digital resources and tools teachers and families can use to cater to students’ individual academic needs and take technology use in the classroom to the next level. The resources range from audio interviews with Oklahoma historical figures to apps that contain virtual science lab experiments to online tools including a Pythagorean Theorem calculator and a variety of digital textbooks.

“Our classrooms are filled with digital natives who thrive on interactive learning experiences guided by an outstanding educator,” said Shawn Hime, OSSBA’s executive director. “We want to help our schools embrace true integration of technology in our classrooms and ensure our students are ready for a digitally-driven workplace.”

The library includes resources for algebra, algebra 2, geometry, English, English 2, biology, chemistry, personal finance, Oklahoma history and United States history. Resources for middle and elementary schools will be added early next year, and then additional high school resources will be added. Future plans include allowing students and teachers to create digital textbooks and house them in iTunes U.

Outstanding Oklahoma teachers vet and select digital resources in their respective grades and subject areas. They choose resources and tools that are high-quality and aligned to Oklahoma’s new academic standards.

Through a collaboration with Apple, the library is housed in iTunes U and can also be accessed at www.okdigitalresources.com. All of the resources are accessible on any internet-connected device, including non-Apple devices. Express Employment Professionals and American Fidelity are supporting the project as corporate partners.

“We are happy to support OSSBA and its various programs advancing education in our great state,” said Bob Funk, CEO and Chairman of Express Employment Professionals. “And we are particularly excited about the student-friendly platform and impactful outcomes associated with the Oklahoma Library of Digital Resources.”

“We want to make sure teachers have the tools and resources they need to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow,” said Wayne Ryan, American Fidelity’s Oklahoma State Manager. “There is no better investment than Oklahoma’s teachers and students.”

Oklahoma schools are quickly moving to technology to replace textbooks. A survey from the state Education Department found only 47 districts are happy with textbooks, but many schools are uncertain about how to proceed when it comes to digital resources. The Oklahoma Library of Digital Resources helps educators easily locate other resources they can use in their classrooms.

More than 100 Oklahoma school districts already have one-to-one technology initiatives to make sure every student has a device, according to the education department survey. That number is expected to double over the next two years.

Timing is critical because Oklahoma schools have larger class sizes and less money to provide classroom resources, Hime said.

“These digital resources will help teachers realize the power of technology and its positive impact on instruction,” said Heather Sparks, math and business coordinator for Midwest City-Del City Public Schools and a former Oklahoma Teacher of the Year who helped vet high school math resources.

“Curriculum will come alive when teachers access the dynamic tools and lesson resources and infuse them in their practice. Leveraging technology will not only actively engage students, it will also likely lead to teachers seeking additional digital resources for their courses.”

More information about the Oklahoma Library of Digital Resources is available at www.okdigitalresources.com.