OSSBA Member Portal Upgrade

OSSBA’s new member portal has features designed to improve the experience for school board members and administrative employees of member school districts. While much of the member portal will look familiar and operates similar to the existing portal, we’ve also made improvements based on feedback received since we first launched the member portal two years ago. Based on your input, members will now be able to easily see whether board members have met their 15-month and term continuing education requirements.

Here’s an overview of what board members will be able to do via the portal:

  • View individual events attended and board member credit information, including whether the 15-month and term continuing education requirements have been met.
  • View and update individual contact information.
  • Register and pay for events and view event registrations.
  • Please note the reset password option is temporarily disabled. It will be available next week.

School district staff and school board members have different levels of access within the member portal. Superintendents and superintendent secretaries can:

  • Update their individual contact information.
  • View what OSSBA services the school district receives (still in process).
  • Superintendents and designated school district staff can:
    • Update the school district’s account information.
    • Update contacts (employees and school board members) associated with each district.
    • View board member points for all district board members and see whether board members have met credit requirements.
    • Register district staff and board members for events and make payment.
    • Update board member term dates.
    • Add board members and staff members who are new to the district and remove those who are no longer with the district.
    • View OSSBA services to which the district subscribes.
    • Superintendents and superintendent secretaries will have these permissions as a default setting, although additional staff in your district can be designated for this role. Superintendents should contact Jennifer Paschal at OSSBA if they’d like to designate additional staff members to help manage the district’s account. 

How do I access the portal?

  • Visit www.ossba.org. On the upper right hand side, click on MEMBER PORTAL. This will take you to a log-in screen, where you will enter the username (email address) and password you receive from OSSBA.

Need Help?

  • Download our portal manual.
  • Please complete this form and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.
  • If you prefer to contact us directly and are a board member who does not have a user name and password, please contact Lisa Deaton. If you are a superintendent or district staff member who needs a user name or password, please contact Jennifer Paschal. You can also call our office at 888.528.3571.
  • The portal is accessible on any device with an internet connection.