OSSBA Statement on New School Report Cards

Statement from OSSBA Executive Director Shawn Hime on Approval of New School Report Cards

“Great work is happening every day in schools across Oklahoma to help every child be successful, and we’re hopeful the new school report cards will be a reflection of that effort.

While the new report card’s focus on growth in student achievement is a welcome change, there are still many unknowns. Our chief areas of concern about report cards haven’t changed. We don’t believe identifying schools with a single letter grade is necessary nor helpful on such a complex issue. Letter grade systems have a history of being closely tied to poverty, and we’ll be closely examining that issue as the new report cards become publicly available.

As they always do, education leaders across the state are studying the underlying data and identifying ways to help improve student achievement. What I hope families and communities will remember is that no report card can measure the true worth or value of  faculty, staff, administrators, school board members, families and community partners who labor daily to make sure every student is safe, fed and well taught. Meeting student needs — not grades — should and will remain the top priority.”