Facility Planning Service

OSSBA’s Facility Planning Service empowers Oklahoma school leaders to make thoughtful, data-driven decisions about the future. With decades of expert experience in facility planning and district leadership, our team is ready to help your district make today’s dreams tomorrow’s reality.

OSSBA’s Facility Planning Services are offered a la carte: choose only the service or services your district needs.

How We Can Help

Enrollment Projections

Enrollment projections are based on a detailed demographic analysis of national, state and local data to determine trends and forecasts.

Facility Assessments

       Facility assessments analyze the current condition of your buildings in relation to state and national standards.


Community Engagement

Community engagement services can focus on involving your community in the conversation about current and future needs.


Facility Planning Services Team

Dr. Shawn Hime
OSSBA Executive Director shawnh@ossba.org

Dr. Joe Siano
OSSBA Associate Executive Director

Danny Jardine
Facility Consultant